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  • VFA want to reduce the amount of rice exported to 2-3 million tons per year



    Farmers are harvesting rice. Photo: TL.

    (Saigon Times Online) - In the coming years, Vietnam exported only 2-3 million tons per year, instead of 7-8 million tonnes / year at present.

    This is the opinion of Mr. Huynh The Nang, chairman of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) at the conference "Development orientation rice export market of Vietnam" organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in HCM City on October 13 twelfth.

    It is no coincidence that Mr Power to give such information. VFA Chairman explained that the figure he gave is based on these factors will affect the ability to produce and export rice from Vietnam in the future.

    Currently, about 70% of rice exports of Vietnam every year are sold in the Asian market, where the biggest market is China, followed by the South East Asian nations (ASEAN), including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.

    However, Vietnam's rice exports to these markets is slowing. Mr Power said that in 2015, the three countries in the ASEAN region said on imported about 2 million tons of rice from Vietnam, but this year, rice exports to all three markets only 200,000 tons, down 90 % Compared with the last year.

    The reason is explained by these countries are strategically enhanced self rice production to meet domestic demand, reduce dependence on imported rice which mainly bought from Vietnam for many years.

    China though is the market's biggest rice importer Vietnam but with the quarantine policy was introduced in the market this is not easy anymore. "For years, many rice exporters said among themselves, China is easy market, how the quality of rice is selling well, but I think, if enterprise directors on such subjective, one day that they will pay the price for this thought, "Mr. Power said.

    Besides, Mr Power also said that 90% of Vietnam's export rice from Mekong Delta. However, the last 2015-2016 winter-spring crop, the rice bowl of the country was a great drought in nearly 100 years is due to the initiative can not be water. With climate change, rising sea levels accompanied by the dams being built upstream of the Mekong River as now, there is nothing to ensure there is enough water to the Mekong Delta rice.

    So, with the above analysis, to reduce the amount of rice Vietnam exports down by growing high-quality rice varieties rather than just focus on short-day varieties of high yield but low quality, along with the converting some acreage to other crops to help farmers increase their incomes rather than just planting a tree as long rice.

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the export volume of rice first 11 months of 2016 is estimated at 4.54 million tons, the equivalent of 2 billion US dollars, down 25% in volume and 20% in value compared to the same period in 2015. China continues ranked first in the market of Vietnam's rice imports in the first 10 months of 2016 with 36% market share.

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