General information

This bushy plant belongs to the Bromiliaceae family. The tree can grow from 50-100 cm high and has a short trunk with long leaves. The fruit can be found growing on the upper part of the trunk and is described as being like a big pine cone with small tuft leaves. It is cultivated in all the tropical regions and in the Asiatic southeast (Costa D’Avorio, Costa Rica, Kenya, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand & Taiwan) for food, ornamental purposes and fibres.

Health Benefits

The therapeutic benefits of pineapple are due to the presence of Bromelain. Two proteolytic enzymes of this type are found in pineapple: these are proteins capable of breaking down other proteins into amino acids. The first one is extracted from the fruit, and the second from the stalk. Today, the pharmaceutical industry use mostly the enzyme extracted from the stalk because it is found in higher concentration there, but the benefits of both origins are the same. Bromelain is found in anti-infammatory treatments, particularly in cases of soft tissue infiammation following trauma. Bromelain also has an anti-thrombotic and hypotensive cure and is able to dissolve atherosclerotic plates. If you consume pineapple there are dietary benefits such as accelerated metabolism. It is also possible to reduce water retention and help intestinal disorders.


    • Cayenne Lisse
    • Smooth Cayenne
    • QueenVictoria
    • Extra Sweet



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