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Conference to review the coffee year 2015-2016 and orientations 2016-2017 coffee crop

Due to the impact of the El-Nino, Vietnam's coffee production in the new crop year 2016-2017 is projected to decline by 20-25% compared to the previous season, only about 1.3 million tons .
This is information Coffee and Cocoa Association of Vietnam (VIFOCA) said at the conference to review the coffee year 2015-2016 and orientation coffee year 2016-2017 , held in Ho Chi Minh pm 10 / 12 .
Exports could reach $ 3.5 billion
According VIFOCA, crop year 2015-2016 (from the date 1/10 / 2015-30 / 9/2016 ), Vietnam exported nearly 1.75 million tonnes of coffee, earning US $ 3.16 billion , up 34 , 8% in volume and 17.2% of turnover. This is the season with the highest export volume in 3 years past.
View Conference. Photo: Vũ Sinh / VNA
Luong Van Tu, chairman VIFOCA said, if in the year 2016 , coffee export is expected to reach nearly $ 3.5 billion, with about 1.8 million tons of coffee exports. Germany and the United States currently is still 2 coffee import market of Vietnam's largest market share, respectively 15.4% and 13.2% ; followed by Italy, Spain and Japan. As for coffee processing, in this crop year, the country exported nearly 86.5 thousand tons , with a turnover of 325 million USD , up 28.4% in volume but increased by only 10.3% of turnover compared with previous season.
On the domestic price situation as if in 6 months beginning in 2016 , coffee prices stands at 30000-32000 / kg , the price of coffee late in the season to have skyrocketed, with time up to over 45,000 VND / kg . Coffee prices fluctuate quite large, not only depends on the supply - demand world, but also affected by many other factors.With coffee prices at levels above the current thrust of 42,000 VND / kg , farmers quite excited.
Mr. Le Tien Hung, General Director of Import and Export Co., Ltd. 2/9 Dak Lak said that, although the 6 monthsYear 2016 coffee prices down, but thanks to favorable exports and price increases in the last few months here, all the export business this year are less favorable in business. We in the new coffee crop, coffee is also pretty good price of about US $ 2000-2200 / ton .
Although exports and the price is relatively favorable, but according to some, it should not be so now expect this result. Do Ha Nam, General Director of JSC Group Intimex, the coffee production in crop year exports increased mainly due to the crop year 2014-2015 coffee prices down so low that farmers and exporters holding back, causing inventories to switch to quite large, up to 300,000 tons . Meanwhile, coffee production in crop year harvest 2016-2017 forecast decline over 20% , plus the inventory of cases from 2015 to 2016 to switch to a new service only relatively small, about 50,000-60,000 tonnes would make exports in the year to only 1.3-1.4 million tons , fell sharply.
Worries drop area
According VIFOCA, in the season of 2016-2017 , production of coffee in Vietnam is projected to decrease over20% compared to the previous season, only about 1.3 million tons . One of the major reasons for the output decline was due to the negative impact of the El-Nino phenomenon strongest in two decades. Drought, water shortage makes yields fell sharply, from 30-70% , even thousands of hectares of coffee in the Central Highlands were lost, forcing farmers to "press the belly" to chop down.
"Even in Vinacafe has 33 state farms, this is the first year many farms simultaneously proposal to cut production targets due to the effects of drought, climate change. Meanwhile, the area of this farm to 162 water storage dams that production is still expected to decline up to 20% . Therefore, the area of production of farmers far from water sources will certainly drop much more " , said Nguyen Nam Hai, General Director of the Vietnam Coffee Corporation (Vinacafe) said.
Not only due to the impact of climate change, extreme weather events have affected the quality of coffee in this new service. According to Thai Nhu Hiep, Director of Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd. (Gia Lai), is the new crop year 2016-2017has traveled a quarter of the way. Although at the beginning of this case, coffee has pretty good prices, but farmers could not harvest and sell, the price has dropped, due to the weather.
"Originally, in Gia Lai at this time, the weather is usually sunny very favorable for the coffee harvest. But this year, this area is constantly accompanied by fog and rainy season, heavy fog caused the farmers were unable to harvest properly service coffee, coffee quality also severely affected. This can affect the quality of coffee exports in the coming period " , Ye said.
In addition to factors affecting on, representatives of VIFOCA said that the most alarming in the coffee industry are cutting out coffee, make coffee area declined sharply. The coffee plant is entering a period of "aging", productivity, low yield, high profit. Meanwhile, high prices and status pepper intercropping of fruit trees such as avocado, durian on coffee plantations are spreading. These crops have higher returns should be gradually selected farmers to plant coffee substitute. If the state does not take measures to intervene early, it will seriously affect the development of sustainable coffee in the coming period.


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