Who we are

Being a strong and dependable partner is our pride and purpose. Our high reputation is based on over years of outstanding client services and a proven tracks record of food safety and value-added opportunities.

We are also passionate about making a positive difference, not just for your business, but also for the world. 
Our commitment to buying responsibly grows out of our genuine respect for people and the environment, and is one more reason you can put your trust in us.

What we do

We're here for you.

A good partner is always there for you, making sure your business operates smoothly, optimally, and without interruption. A good partner also understands your day-to-day challenges and works to alleviate those stresses.

To help make running your business as smooth and worry-free as possible, we make it our priority 
to understand your unique needs. Then we model a specific service solution to meet those needs. 
Your business-specific solution is presented in our Intelligence Reports. Each one is meticulously 
tailored to your unique requirements to help you make informed decisions that keep your business 
running efficiently. Knowing what to buy, when to buy, and how much to buy is key to securing 
competitive pricing, assuring availability and guaranteeing quality.

And then we take it a step further by providing local storage of your products, managing your stock levels, and ensuring that product is available when you need it.

Intelligent purchasing.

All great partnerships are built on trust and the knowledge that your partner has your best interests at heart. 

At The House of Agro Imp & Exp  Co., Ltd, we don’t just believe this principle—we live it.
You want to get the best pricing available. To make that happen, we track dynamic market factors alongside your requirements to make sure you only lock into contracts that will benefit your business in the long term.

Our in-depth analysis means we can alert you to any changing trends in your usage and, through our Intelligence Report, recommend proactive strategies that ensure continuous product availability. It's a hassle-free purchasing experience that guarantees you get what you need—including peace of mind.

Quality and Conditions

No two factors are more important to you than Food Safety and Product Quality. At the same time, when you’re removed from the conditions under which products are produced, these two factors can be the hardest to judge.
That’s why we have made delivering safety and quality the corners tone of our business. 
It’s our mission to be industry leaders. We don’t want to meet industry standards—we want to exceed them. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Supply Partners

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and buyers. The foundation of our partnerships is a genuine and shared commitment to food safety, product quality and integrity going back to farm level. Our partners are defined by these attributes: it is who they are and how they run their businesses.

Our supply partners are carefully chosen and our relationship with them is strengthened through regular on-site visits. These suppliers also go through rigorous third party audits, which help them achieve the highest industry standards.

Quality Control

Quality control starts at the farm, long before any seed is planted. Soil analysis, seed selection and seedling care are all critical for a quality product. Pesticide residue management is an ongoing commitment because once pesticides are introduced their residues cannot be removed. Our suppliers control your product from start to finish, never purchasing pre-processed material.

This diligent care is carried to harvest and beyond. Stringent controls for food safety and quality are intertwined throughout processing, packaging, transportation and storage. From farm to fork we are there every step of the way.


Our products go through rigorous physical, chemical and microbiological testing using sophisticated in-house laboratories and industry-recognized facilities. We also arrange for independent spot testing of products on arrival. This type of exhaustive analysis means we can be completely confident in the products we offer you.


At The House Of Agro Imp & Exp Co., Ltd side, “good” just isn’t good enough. We set the bar high because we want to deliver “great”.

How do we get there?

Through the use of strong in-house compliance capabilities and an extensive food safety management system. We meticulously observe all possible risk factors you and your product may face, including allergens, contamination, political turmoil and economic risk. We scrutinize not only our product, but also all documentation around it, ensuring that all relevant standards and regulations are met.

Our transportation and warehousing controls include regular audits to guarantee compliance.